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“When you're left wounded on

Afganistan's plains and

the women come out to cut up what remains,

Just roll to your rifle

and blow out your brains,

And go to your God like a soldier”

“We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction.”

“It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.”

“Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.

“The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace,

for he must suffer and be the deepest wounds and scars of war.”

“May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't .”
“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

“Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.

“Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man."
“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
Rather we should thank God that such men lived.

The Soldier stood and faced God

Which must always come to pass

He hoped his shoes were shining

Just as bright as his brass

"Step forward you Soldier,

How shall I deal with you?

Have you always turned the other cheek?

To My Church have you been true?"

"No, Lord, I guess I ain't

Because those of us who carry guns

Can't always be a saint."

I've had to work on Sundays

And at times my talk was tough,

And sometimes I've been violent,

Because the world is awfully rough.

But, I never took a penny

That wasn't mine to keep.

Though I worked a lot of overtime

When the bills got just too steep,

The Soldier squared his shoulders and said

And I never passed a cry for help

Though at times I shook with fear,

And sometimes, God forgive me,

I've wept unmanly tears.

I know I don't deserve a place

Among the people here.

They never wanted me around

Except to calm their fears.

If you've a place for me here,

Lord, It needn't be so grand,

I never expected or had too much,

But if you don't, I'll understand."

There was silence all around the throne

Where the saints had often trod

As the Soldier waited quietly,

For the judgment of his God.

"Step forward now, you Soldier,

You've borne your burden well.

Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,

You've done your time in Hell."

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602060 Corporal Beh Huat Soon of 4th Rangers
Friday, April 20, 2018

Another forgotten hero, who lost his arm - editor. My name is Beh Huat Soon. Service Number 602060. I underwent basic training of 6 months at the 2nd Battalion Singapore Infantry Regiment, in Singapore. 
We did many jungle operations during the Indonesian Confrontation,  in the jungles of Kota Tinggi,  jungles killing and capturing  fifty-seven Indonesian soldiers. Our Battalion lost eight rifle men including the Platoon Sergeant to the Indonesian Enemy action. Later I was discharged from the Singapore Army, opted to serve in the Malaysian Army.
When we were in the railway station in Singapore, some soldiers from the MAF who were at the railway told us we'd be accepted into the MAF without any recruit training because we were already trained soldiers. Those who wanted to join to report to an army camp in Batu Gajah. I was among the first group of about twenty people to reached B.Gajah.We waited for about five days in an empty camp. I became a soldier in the 4th Malaysian Rangers..
I worked with many officers as their radio operator in many jungle operations in Malaysia. One of the operations turned out to be my last operations in Gubir.  We went in by chopper and was in for more than 2 mths. I was in Col. Habarjan's company.. Delta coy and I was his radio operator. We came out of the jungle by chopper, returned to Ipoh was by truck. I used to follow the OC's in their land rover. This time after landining I went straight to OC D Coy, he told me he was going to a meeting and that I go back first. I don't remember much after the accident. I lost my arm, my hand in that accident.
I served twenty-two years in the army. I have given the best part of my life, my youth being in the army as members of the security forces sacrificed several Chinese New Years and holidays in the jungles. There was one time in Tawau . I was in Sebatik Island , forward location Samping Tiga . One day the mails came, and I received a tin... Jacob's cream crackers filled with Koay Kapits all the way from  Penang Island.They were all crushed to peices and in powdered form.
On seeing them , I was overcome with saddness, and I cried and cried .If only I can be with with my parents and sister, I'll tell them how much I miss them and love them. I am sure some of my friends must have seen me sitting on top of my bunker crying my heart out.
But they left me alone with my own miseries.
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A Non Malay Ranger Officer who laid down his life, especially for the ignorant morons
Monday, January 22, 2018
Click on image to enlarge
Captain Hardav Singh the Intelligence Officer who laid down his life for this country. This Officer was shot more than 10 times. This was a Non Malay Officer NOT in a Japanese Army Uniform!
Having clear advantage and with the harassing fire power over the enemy camp still on, I look upon this Ops as to get on level term with the Communist Terrorists. On the 7 of April 1975, during battalion roulement between 13 MTA and the 7th Ranger Regiment, returning back from Mong (or Nong) Gajah towards Gubir, two of the three vehicles in a convoy carrying a Platoon from 7th Ranger with Skot Syed Ikmal Hashim, as the Platoon Commander was ambushed, killing over half a dozen soldiers including one of my drivers, Pemandu Hussain from C Platoon, 20 Transport Coy.
However I am proud to say that this transport unit has been the most combatant during that time where I was the Platoon Commander. The Ferret scout car escorting from the rear, raced towards the ambushed zone was however disabled with its gun and radio antennae destroyed. Miraculously a bullet from the enemy fires went through the barrel of the armored car Browning machine gun. It was a tense and dramatic moment when the daring enemy, a woman bandit came down from the slope of the road cutting and trying to finish off those soldiers with some already wounded that went for cover under the vehicles and just then when the Ferret arrived. Both trucks stop along side each other, probably in certain sense provided wider shelter for the soldiers.
One of the Rangers died in an assaulting position still clutching on to his weapon which has the empty casing stuck to its chamber. The few seconds needed to do the TSM may have cost his life. Three days later in pursuit of the above incident, when 6th Brigade was just about to mount a major Ops, the Brigade Intelligence Officer, Capt Hardev Singh, leads an advance party in a Land Rover, followed with convoy of trucks carrying a company from the 17 RMR. Hardly just few miles further up Gubir camp, the advance column was ambushed killing him and several soldiers including the Corporal of the armoured scout car. Two of the 20 Transport Coy drivers were shot and seriously wounded however survived.
Pathetic, and just about everything went wrong for the 17 RAMD Coy including reason for the Brigade IO to be there. Already seriously wounded he can only afford to verbally challenge the bandits before they gained control over him. It was a rampage and among other things the enemy took off with them were some weapons and a radio signal set and as such every set of that model has got to be re-crystallized. So having suffered with all those tragic loses, it was time to retaliate or at least get even.
Read it all at the Jottings of Xnuri Pilot...............
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‘We have our scars’: Chinese army vets slam Ummah for denying minorities’ part
Monday, January 15, 2018
Macva president Major Tan Pau Son during Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association press conference at The Boulevard Mid Valley City January 15, 2018. — Picture by Firdaus LatifMacva president Major Tan Pau Son during Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association press conference at The Boulevard Mid Valley City January 15, 2018. — Picture by Firdaus LatifKUALA LUMPUR, Jan 15 — Ethnic Chinese army veterans have railed against Malay-Muslim coalition Ummah today over the latter’s erroneous claim that only Malays had resisted British colonists, Japanese occupiers and Communist insurgents.
At a press conference today, Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association (Macva) president Major (Rtd) Tan Pau Son said cleric Ismail Mina Ahmad’s remarks were not only historically and factually wrong, but had belittled the contributions of the non-Malay veterans including the Ibans, Indians, Sikhs. “We participated in defending our country and some of us still have scars to show that we were there — risking our lives,” Tan told a press conference at Mavca headquarters at Midvalley Boulevard here.
Tan said Mavca, with a membership close to 1,000 veterans since inception on August 31, 2016, and thousands who have passed on before them is a true testimony of a large group of Chinese veterans who had served loyally in military campaigns. “Needless to say there were also Chinese veterans who sadly lost their lives and limbs in the defence of the nation. “All Malaysians should rebutt all these inaccurate and irresponsible assertions made by Ismail,” he said.
Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association pose for group photo after press conference at The Boulevard Mid Valley City January 15, 2018. — Picture by Firdaus LatifMalaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association pose for group photo after press conference at The Boulevard Mid Valley City January 15, 2018. — Picture by Firdaus LatifTan also pointed out that there were six Chinese members of the armed forces who were bestowed with the Panglima Gagah Berani medals for their extreme bravery: Colonel Maurice Lam Shye Choon, Major (Rtd) Lee Ah Pow, Second Lieutenant (Rtd) David Fu Chee Ming, Sergeant (Rtd) Choo Woh Soon, Sergeant Cheng Eng Chin, and Ranger Mat Isa Hassan. Meanwhile, three others, Lieutenant Colonel Chong Kheng Ley, Lieutenant Colonel Leong Fook Cheong, and Captain Tien Sen An, were awarded Pingat Tentera Udara for their valour.
“We have Chinese veterans who receive gallantry awards and this alone is a testament that the Malays were not the only ones who protected the nation,” he said. On Saturday, Ismail who is the chairman of the Ummah umbrella group for Muslim organisations, also asserted that only the Malays had battled the Communists, which he claimed made the community a target of the predominantly-Chinese Insurgency that lasted for forty years. One particular war veteran who narrowly escaped death while fighting a battle in Southern Thailand in 1978, said he was hurt and angered by Ismail’s remarks in the convention outlining the demands of the Muslim lobby.
WO Patrick Lee ai Tong, 71 shows scar from a bullet during Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association press conference at The Boulevard Mid Valley City January 15, 2018. — WO Patrick Lee ai Tong, 71 shows scar from a bullet during Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association press conference at The Boulevard Mid Valley City January 15, 2018. Warrant Officer Patrick Lee Kai Tong said Ismail’s statement was not only ignorant but hurtful to armed forces who had witnessed countless deaths and suffered various injuries in the name of the country. Lee, now 71, walks around with a hole in his left arm after being shot by the communists who had zeroed in on the Nuri helicopter he was in while landing to provide ammunition supply to his own troop.
“Does he even know what it is like to be in a warzone? He can say what he want but do not hurt people’s feelings,” Lee said. “Maybe this scar from an M-16 is not enough for me to prove that I was there fighting for the country but know that every memory, every death — even the smell of it stays with me.” Tan also chided Ismail for conveniently forgetting that there were many Malay members among the Communist insurgents. “In Ismail’s speech, he failed to mention that the 10th Regiment Malayan Communist Party was predominantly a Malay regiment unit operating in the jungles of Northern Malaysia and Southern Thailand. “The leader was Abdullah CD and his followers Suriani Abdullah, Shamsiah Fakeh, Abu Samah Mohamad Kassim and Rashid Maidin,” Tan said. 
Source : The Malay Mail
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Indonesian Commandos captured invading Malaysia, conveniently forgotten by the UMNO Government, under Mahathir
Wednesday, December 06, 2017

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Remembering a Warrior of Seventh Rangers - Captain Tong Lye Heng
Thursday, September 07, 2017
Cpt Tong Lye Heng (left), army veteran and Lt Col Wong Ah Jit, secretary of MACVA.
Out of nowhere, a gunshot came from a distance and hit Captain Tong’s left hip.
“I would come to learn later after the incident from my sentry that the enemy was already walking to a claymore mine, but since it was installed improperly, it did not explode," he recounted being shot by a Communist insurgent. Tong Lye Heng, now a 71-year-old army veteran was reliving the moment when he was fighting the communists in the dense forests of Grik, Perak during the 1970s and nearly lost his life defending his country.
Now a proud member of the newly formed Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans (MACVA), Captain Tong's story is but one of the thousands of wounded and fallen unsung heroes who have put our nation's security first ahead of their personal life. Throughout the country’s 60 years of independence, the country has survived through many threats thanks to the sacrifices of our warriors, such as the communist insurgency during the 1970s, the Konfrontasi with Indonesia and recently, the invasion of Lahad Datu by the self-styled Sulu Sultanate challenging Malaysian sovereignty over Sabah.
Captain Tong's discharge papers.
In conjunction with Warrior's Day, Malaysian Digest is putting the spotlight on our brave soldiers have been wounded and to honour those who lost their lives in the line of duty throughout the country’s history. Veteran Shares His Experience Fighting The Communist During The Emergency Cpt Tong Lye Heng (left), army veteran and Lt Col Wong Ah Jit, secretary of MACVA.Cpt Tong Lye Heng (left), army veteran and Lt Col Wong Ah Jit, secretary of MACVA.
The trousers Captain Tong wore when he was shot on 10 June 1971. The hole in the right is where the bullet hit him in the hip, while the stains near the hole are blood stains from the wound.
“I was assigned as the leader for 7th Ranger Platoon in the Sungai Petani camp. The 26 soldiers in that platoon were newly assigned to me at that time, so I did not know them very well. “The boys who I was familiar with, whom I spent three months in the jungle, were assigned to other posts,” recalled Captain Tong,” who joined the army on 6th March 1969. On 10th June 1971, his battalion established a base in the forest, and has placed claymore mines and other defenses around the outside perimeter of their base.
After his boys has finished placing the mines and gun placements, Captain Tong decided to conduct some reconnaissance at the south of the base to check whether his boys did them perfectly. “My sentry actually spotted the enemy much earlier, before the enemy shot me, and he tried to shoot him first with his light machine gun. However, he was panicking, and could not realise that his safety catch was on the ‘Safe’ position and not in ‘Rapid Fire’ or ‘Automatic’ position,” the captain shared his brush with death with Malaysian Digest.
Cpt Tong (right) during a training session in Sungai Petan
A safety catch is a mechanism in all guns that is designed to prevent accidental discharge of the bullets. When a safety catch is put in the ‘Safe’ position, a gun cannot shoot. He said he did not know that the soldier he picked as a sentry was an inexperienced soldier, since he was not familiar with the new platoon. Had it been if he was with his old platoon, he would know who would be more suited for sentry and other roles.
“There were two enemy soldiers, one of them saw me first and immediately shot me. The trousers Captain Tong wore when he was shot on 10 June 1971. The hole in the right is where the bullet hit him in the hip, while the stains near the hole are blood stains from the wound.
“We only saw two soldiers, but in the thick of the forest, we could not know if there were more of them behind the two soldiers,” he recalled. The communists often send groups of two soldiers as scouting parties to scout the area before sending in the main fighting force. Captain Tong’s soldiers immediately returned fire and ordered artillery strikes to hit the area around the enemies, while his second-in-command contacted the nearby headquarters and asked for a helicopter to lift the captain out of the forest.
Two hours later, the Nuri helicopter arrived but received heavy fire from the communists. However, an army medic managed to rappel down to temporarily treat Captain Tong, before the helicopter retreated. “The medic gave me shots of morphine and IV, and that helped save my life,” he said. After some time, the Nuri helicopter returned to the scene and this time an Alouette helicopter followed as well, to provide covering fire while Captain Tong was being rescued.
“The whole thing was reminiscent to that of the Vietnam War,” said Captain Tong. He was lifted to Klian Intan and then to a hospital in Penang. He was immediately taken to an operating theatre for an operation. According to the doctor, the bullet missed his spine by half of an inch. Captain Tong was treated at the Penang Hospital for three months, and then spent a month at the Terendak camp. Four months after he was shot, he returned to the Sungai Petani headquarters to resume his duty.
However, he was not assigned to the frontlines and instead handled the administration and tactics of the war effort. “Later on, I was assigned as an intelligence officer and I helped devise an operation to strike the communists in Gunung Bongsu. “We managed to kill some communists in that operation,” recalled the captain, who managed to use that chance to strike back at the enemy who almost took his life from that operation.
Captain Tong did not stay long in the army, and was honourably discharged on 9th October 1976. His disciplined life in the army has taught him incredible lessons that have helped him adapt to the civilian life. Captain Tong's discharge papers. Captain Tong's discharge papers. “After the army, I joined the plantation industry as a manager. When I was in the army, I had valuable lessons in team management as a captain and head of a platoon.
“That experience translates perfectly to managing a plantation,” he said. After 18 years in the plantation industry he switched places to work in the cargo shipping sector. Now, he runs his own cargo shipping company. Cpt Tong (right) during a training session in Sungai Petani.Cpt Tong (right) during a training session in Sungai Petani.
From The Malaysian Digest
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From the Officer Commanding's mouth, Major (B) Osman Ibrahim (411658) on the killing of Rashid Mydin's henchman - 7th Rangers
Monday, August 29, 2016
I was the OC of the said, 'C' Company, 7th Rangers when the contact with CTs was made by Sgt Abu Hassan and his group on the 17th day of September 1980.
Covering Fire
The first initial contacts were made by 'A' company and Unit Combat Inteligence Squad (UCIS) group whereas we were still conducting operation in Upper Perak. I personally requested from the CO then, Lt Kol Lokman Hashim to redeploy 'C' company by moving back via South direction to the Hentam Galas Op area in Gua Musang, Kelantan.
On reaching the insertion point enroute to the direction of contacts by 'A' company in Op Hentam Galas , we moved into smaller groups going/bashing up the upper ridges which were purportedly left out by the previous units. On reaching the high-land ridges, I ordered my men to to look for water point and at that time , we could see foot prints, marks. The collection of water was abandoned and the company was regrouped into smaller groups and prepared for next day to attack the Communist Terrorist resting place.
Well, Sgt Abu Hasan was lucky enough to make the contact where District Committee Memeber Ho Pak, was eliminated and three weapons/packs were recovered . From our assessement, the CTs contacted by our group was the Command Group of the CT's contaced by 'A' Company previously. On the 2nd September 1980 7th Battalion Rangers took over the area of operation Hentam galas for a period of two months from the 5th battalion Royal Malay Regiment.
Mag 58 / GPMG used by Ranger Matthew
After two days of operations, the first contact with the Enemy happened on the 14th September 1980 at 2340 hrs (11.40pm). Alpha Company's sentry saw lights retreating about 50 yards away from his location, he immediately assumed that the Enemy's leading scout had detected the presence of 7th Rangers.The sentry on seeing the retreating lights opened fire. The sentry who opened fire was Ranger Matthew Mijer ak Raweh ,he let loose with the general purpose machine gun (GPMG also known as Mag 58). He opened up with continous bursts of fire.
This alerted the whole company, who went into "stand to". The enemy returned several bursts of fire followed by the firing of a verey light pistol, the signal was red. The Enemy estimated to be 10-12 strong. At dawn a follow up was conducted using the blood trails that the enemy had left behind in their haste to escape. The assumption at that moment in time was that many of the Enemy were wounded. On the 15th September 1980 at 0900 hrs (9am), during the follow up by the Unit Combat Intelligence Squad, the UCIS came across food scraps.
As they were following the trail they were fired upon resulting in a 5-10 minutes firefight, both sides did not suffer any casualties. The Enemy, was on high ground, one female Communist Terrorist threw down a challenge to the UCIS platoon, " If you are brave, come up here !"( in the Malay language) . At that moment in time it was raining bullets for the UCIS platoon. Everyone of them was trying to dig into the earth or trying to make themselves very small to avoid being hit by the enemy.
The only thought on their minds was "cover". After the exchange of fire the Enemy withdrew, the UCIS platoon tenaciously kept in pursuit, at around 1055 hrs (10.55 am) came into grips with the Enemy again. This time the fight lasted for another 8 minutes. Both sides did not suffer any casualties. On the 17th September 1980 at 0800 hrs (8 am), following a trail of footprints, Sergeant Abu Hassan was directed to take a section out on patrol.
At 0900 hrs (9am) footprints were discovered, on a jungle trail. the enemy was estimated to be around two strong. The section followed this trail and came across a bamboo shoot that was freshly cut.They proceeded to a water point, where it was found from trails that it was used an hour ago. Sergeant Abu Hassan broke up his group into two and crawled on his hand and knees. At 1045 hrs (10.45 am) Sgt Abu Hassan, Ranger Rahim and Lance Corporal Zaharin saw two of the Enemy, packing their rucksack.
One of the Enemy resting nearby managed to spot Sgt Abu Hassan. Sgt Abu Hassan immediately launched the assault, opening up with automatic fire at the same time directing his men to move fast away from the ridge. The Enemy at the moment, whilst Sgt Abu Hassan was conducting the assault returned fire.
As there was no proper cover Sgt Abu Hassan dived behind a tree. He saw that the enemy who was hit being dragged by two of his friends, whilst another was giving covering fire in the direction of Sgt Abu Hassan's men. At around 1120 hrs, a support group commanded by Captain Osman arrived. During the follow up for about 60 meters, the body of an Enemy was found. A booby trap was planted around 30 meters from the body.
The Enemy was identified as Ho Pak, the DCM for Gua Musang who was from the 10th Regiment.
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Dad told me to look after family. He did not speak again...... from the Straits Times Singapore Tuesday January 1, 1957
Wednesday, August 03, 2016
Jokes and Laughter then into a bandit trap. Dad told me to look after family. He did not speak again................. AMBUSH BOY'S STORY
Arnold (15) refused to quit by Nelson Rutherford Mentakab, Monday. It took 15 minutes for Arnold Harris to become a man, 15 horrifying minutes in which he saw his father and seven other men shot down in a terrorist ambush. Arnold 15, told me about it today. Quietly. Dispassionately. He did not cry. I spoke to him in an army mess near here. He is a slightly dark haired. Only his vacant expressionless eyes tell of his ordeal.
All in high spirits. His story began at 4 am on Boxing Day when he and 10 men of the 6th Battalion Malay Regiment, set of for Ayer Hitam to repair a broken down scout car. In the Land Rover with him were his father, Staff Sergeant William Harris, 38, Captain Shukor bin Chik and two Malay soldiers. They were all in high spirits. Arnold was thinking of his aircraft carrier kit his father had given him as a Christmas present.
He would start to build it as soon as they got back. Behind was a breakdown wagon with six Malay soldiers aboard. The time was 1.45 pm as they approached a bend in the road. Beyond it 34 terrorists waited in concealed positions. Arnold told me, "We were all laughing; Captain Shukor had just made a joke. Suddenly I heard firing. I thought something had happened to the engine. Then the windows were shattered and Captain Shukor shouted to me to get down. Hit by pellets
The two soldiers sitting in the back with me jumped out and were shot. I was hit by shotgun pellets but didn't feel it. I put my head down near the floor. There were more shots. Then I heard voices. I looked up and saw two Chinese terrorists behind me. They were taking the canvas roof off the Land Rover. They were fully uniformed and wore peak caps with red stars and twigs for camouflage. All carried guns. One asked me if I or my father had a gun. I shook my head.
Then a short fat man carried me to the road and laid me on the grass verge. He was very gentle. He gave me two aspirins. I swallowed one but decided not to touch the other because I thought it might be poison. AMBUSH BOY DRAINED RADIATOR WATER FOR DYING FATHER Then they threw everything out of the Land Rover and took the two young mouse deer we were taking back to the camp and bayonetted them. The gang went over to my father who had been hit in the first burst and searched him.
They also searched the bodies and took everything they could find. Mystery Car The Reds stole two rifles, a pistol, two watches, Sgt Harris's camera containing shots taken the previous day at a Christmas party, jungle boots, wallet and shirt.(They also took Arnold's hat.) As they had finished a PWD jeep with 3 men in it arrived from the direction of Bentong. The bandits stopped. It was the man sitting next to the driver.....(undecipherable - edit) I saw him give something to one of the terrorists.
I think it was a piece of white paper. Then he got back in his jeep and drove away. The driver saw me beside the road but pretended not to notice me. A few seconds later a terrorist on the bank above the road began shouting and waving his hands. The whole gang ran up the bank and disappeared. I knew they had seen the recovery wagon. It had been traveling about four minutes behind us. The bandits opened fire above me with Bren guns from three different positions.
A soldier sitting beside the driver of the wagon leaped out of the window with his gun at the ready. He was about to shoot when a bullet caught him. Escape bid Then dad called to me. He was lying beside the Land Rover and told me to drive it away. I said I couldn't leave him behind. "Never mind me," he said. I dragged him into the vehicle and was trying to start it when the gang started firing again. I thought they were firing at me so I took cover.
My father fell out. He asked me for some water and told me to find a stream. There were no streams. Then I remembered the radiator of the Land Rover. I hoped it wasn't punctured. I filled the lid of a cardboard box with water and gave it to dad. One of the soldiers lying in the drain had come to and I tied a piece of string round his legs. It was bleeding badly. Suddenly my Dad said, "I’m going Arnold. Look after the family." He didn't say anything more.
Arnold paused for a moment his eyes on the floor. Then he continued. "I waited beside Dad for a car to come. Five minutes later a black car packed with people arrived. I shouted to the driver but he would not stop." Can't recall Arnold paused again, " I can't remember any more," he said. Then he got up and walked away. Police interviewed Arnold today and showed him photographs of terrorists, including Tam Fook Loong the Negri Sembilan bandit boss who is believed to have led the gang He could not identify any of them.
Originally posted here.............. (The link to the source has since disappeared).
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